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Marat Aksanovich Ilgamov.
Scientific interests

M.A.Ilgamov is a specialist in the area of mechanics of hydroelastic systems such as dynamics and stability of shells interacting with continuous and loose media.

He developed a theory of strong interaction of thin-walled structures with fluids taking into account large displacement of the contact surface.

Effective analitic and numerical methods developed by M.A.Ilgamov are being used in analysis of thin-walled shells, dynamic phenomena in pipe-line systems and working processes in flight vehicle engines.

M.A.Ilgamov performed series of investigations:

Free oscillations of a thin ring were considered as a model of a fuel collector of afterburner of turbo jet engine. Forced oscillations of a ring in acoustic field were studied theoretically and experimentally. A model of liquid outflow from a cantilever tube was constucted, allowing one to describe dynamic behaviour of the tube in the case of its breaking. Nonlinear oscillations of a pipe under the action of the internal pressure waves were studied. The oscillations were shown to be able to vary from periodic to chaotic, depending on the problem parameters. A model of large bend of a high-temperature superconducting cable, a system of concentric tubes, was proposed.

Equations of dynamics of three-layer plates and shells with structure nonsymmetric in thickness were derived, analysis of static and dynamic stability, forced and parametric oscillations including those with allowing for hysteresis losses in filler was conducted. Nonstationary thermoconductivity and thermal stability of three-layer plates were considered. Influence of the pressure in the middle layer on the bend was shown. Stability of a cantilever cylindrical shell under the action of the transverse end force, the internal pressure and the axial stretching force was investigated experimentally.
A large series of investigations was performed on oscillations of cylindrical shells with a gas and a compressible fluid. That was the simplest model of a combustion chamber of a liquid-propellant engine with unstable operation (acoustic instability, vibrational burning) and pipe-line systems. This problem was considered in various approximations. The results obtained were generalized in the monograph/1/.
Dynamic interaction of the cylindrical and spherical shells, the continuous elastic filler and the gas in the space was studied. Such a system was a model to study a solid-propellant engine. Static bend and stability of a shell under the action of the own weight (overloading) of the system were considered. Results of investigations of the system shell-solid elastic filler became parts of monographs /2,3/. The first of them was translated into English in the USA.
A series of investigations was devoted to experimental and theoretical study of longitudinal air oscilations in a pipe at one end of which a plane piston moved with a prescribed law, the other end being closed, open or equipped with some device. On resonances of the gas column and near them, periodic shock waves arose. The existence of periodic shock waves at excitation frequences near the half the first resonant frequency was found experimentally. The corresponding theory was proposed. Experimental set ups were made, allowing one to excite gas oscillations of large amplitude. Axisymmetrical shapes of oscillations of thin-walled cylindrical part of a tube were studied, generation of waves in the circular direction and catastrophic failure were found.
Nonlinear static problems of bend and stability of plates and panels contacting incompressible and compressible liquid, problems of static and dynamic stability of a plate between liquids of equal density were stated and solved. Those results were included in monographs /6,7/.
Behaviour of plates, shallow panels and shells in a flow of incompressible ideal liquid was studied. Issues of statement of nonreflecting and absorbing conditions for artificial boundary of computational domain, important for numerical simulations, were investigated (monography /9/). A method of artificial boundaries near the elastic body in a flow was developed, allowing one to essentially simplify computations. Experiments with cylindrical shell and shallow panel were performed. Ways of describing interaction of permeable and impermeable thin shells with fluids were systematically presented. The latter results were included in monographs /4,5/.
Large group of researchers headed by M.A.Ilgamov conducted investigations of static and dynamic behaviour of membrane shells in a fluid flow including simulation of inflation of a parachute. Methods of numerical and physical experiments and qualitative analysis were used. Oscillating and mean motion of a fluid about surfaces moving with the mode of travelling wave were studied. Experimental models of wave propellers were created, their mean velocities and mean thrust were determined. Numerical simulation of peristaltics of a bioshells was given.
Significant attention was placed on practical use and propagation of results of investigations, matters of organizing science (Look the monography /8/).
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