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Achievements for the last years

There were made experimental and theoretical investigations of the shock waves in gas in the closed and open tubes (R.G.Zaripov, A.A.Aganin and others) By means of analitic- numerical methods there were studied non-linear and haotic oscillations of cylindrical shell in a stream of gas (M.A.Ilgamov, A.L.Tukmakov and others); of a gas cavity in liquid in sonoluminescence condition (M.A.Ilgamov, A.A.Aganin and others); of a tube with liquid (M.A.Ilgamov and others); of a superconducting cable (M.A.Ilgamov and others); of polydispersal steam-gas-drop media (D.A.Gubaidullin and others).

There was developed the theory and methods of calculating stresses, strains and stability of shells of multiplex geometry under intensive thermoforce loading, consideration physical and geometrical nonlinearity, interaction with agressive media. There were suggested the methods of reduction of strains and stresses concentration in dangerous zones of a reservoir for cryogen liquid (M.S.Ganejeva and others). It was made durability prediction of large-scale cooling towers constructions (N.M.Yakupov and others)

It was created the universal procedure of numerical solving the tasks of the viscous gas stream flow about aerodynamic objects (A.N.Gilmanov and others); of gas motion in three-dimensional regions of intricate configuration consideration chemical transmutations and intensive heat supply (Zh.M.Sahabutdinov and others). It was analysed the deceleration of supersonic gas stream in a flat channel. Special features of working processes in the chamber of internal-combustion engine, in a furnace of a spectrometer were studied.

There were worked out special methods of numerical solving the tasks of water flooding the oil pools in complicated physical- geological conditions; of determining the filtering parameters while the nonstationary filtration on the base of incorrect problems theory; of discovering the situation of a source of water-bearing stratum pollution. Variation principles were built for the problem of filtering in the deformated medium of compound reology (M.H.Hairullin, A.I.Nikiforov, P.A.Mazurov and others).

Mathematical models were created, on the basis of which there were studied physical-mechanical processes of electric arc welding and thermo-hardening the hardware;the motion of steam- gas-drop mixture in cooling towers (A.B.Mazo, V.L.Fedyajev and others); the streams of thermo-unbalanced plasma in discharging cameras of plasma generators (F.A.Saljanov).

The method of vector functions by Lyapunov was developed for investigating the stability of non-linear logycal-dynamic systems of control and systems with random structure changes (A.I.Malikov). There were studied the flow of liquid with free surface consideration the contact line of three phases division (F.H.Tazjukov and others); the processes of heat mass transfer while fraction crystallization (P.P.Osipov). There were obtained analytical solutions of the problem of control of mass flow rate of space objects for the future (U.N.Zakirov).


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