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Scientific Seminar
"Problems of Continuum Mechanics"
The abstracts of the reports 2001

20 June 2001 in the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering KazSC RAS the Solemn Assembly and Seminar dedicated to Decade of IME KazSC RAS were held. The following reports were presented during the spring period of 2001 at the Seminar and the Solemn Assembly.

3 May 2001
Fedyaev V.L. Improvement of heat engineering equipment use of mathematical modeling methods. On materials of thesis for Doctor of Sciences Degree, speciality: 05.13.18 - Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and programming complex. Reviewers: DrSc Sachabutdinov Zh.M., DrSc Elizarov A.M. The objects of this investigations are the wave pumps graduation towers, heat exchange and electric arc furnaces. The mathematical models describing all totality of processes are presented. These problems are integrating with the help of both analytical and numerical methods. From results of these investigations, the original technical solutions are presented. The efficiency of these solutions is examined with use of results of modeling and industrial experiments.

13 June 2001
Bantsarev K. N. Investigation of composite plates by method of boundary elements in combination with variation method. Kama polytechnical institute. On materials of thesis for Candidate of Sciences Degree, speciality: 01.02.04 - Mechanics of deformable solid. Reviewer: DrSc (Techn.) Yakupov N.M. Problems of MBE and hybrid approach are investigated and developed with reference to bending of plates of complex contour. Methods of analysis and distinguishing of singularities in contour integrals are developed, new approachs to the approximation of boundary conditions are examined, possibilities for expansion of MBE application are investigated on the basis of combination with energy approach. Problems for plates, consisted of subdomains with different thickness, are solved.

20 June 2001
Ilgamov M.A. From the history of creation of the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering KazSC RAS. The report is devoted to stages of long-term work on creation of the IME. The Institute is founded on the base of mechanics departments of Kazan Physical Technical Institute. Organizer and first Director of the Institute is corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences M.A.Ilgamov.

20 June 2001
Ilgamov M.A. Extended interpretation of soft shells theory. Surface tension in liquids.

20 June 2001
Gubaidullin D.A. About the basic achievements of the IME KazSC RAS for ten years. In the report the basic achievement for the first decade of work of the Institute of the Mechanics and Engineering KazSC RAS are given. In institute 55 employees work nowadays. In 1991-2001 12 doctor's and 15 candidate dissertations are defended in the Institute; 14 scientific monographies, 5 popular scientific, educational and methodical books, 4 collections of the articles are issued; 10 results are included in the annual reports on activity of RAS. The Institute took part in organization and realization of 12 scientific conferences.

20 June 2001
Tukmakov A.L. Numerical modeling in problems of nonlinear dynamics of aeroelasticity systems. Aeroelasticity processes under before-and supersonic flowing around the fine springy panels are numerically investigated on the basis of geometrically nonlinear dynamic set of equations of shells theory and model of viscid compressible gas with heat conduction, oscillations of a gas in resonators on excitation by springy piston are examined, oscillations in the resonator with springy borders are considered. Nonlinear dynamic effects discovered are analysed.

28 June 2001
Anokhin S.V. Modeling of oil displacement from pools by gelatination systems. On material of thesis for Candidate of Sciences Degree, speciality: 01.02.05 - mechanics of fluids and plasma. Reviewer: DSc (Techn.) Khairullin M.Kh.

28 June 2001
Vinogradov I.V. Theoretical investigation of thermal plasma flow in plasmotron with modulated current.

28 June 2001
Gaynullin F.R. Modeling of currents of liquid in channel with permeable partitons. Approaches to mathematical description and calculation of currents of liquid through permeable partition, disposed in channel, are offered. Results of numerical modeling for currents of ideal incompressible liquid in filter rough peelings with one permeable partition are given. Preliminary estimations for vorticity behind the permeable partition are presented as well.

28 June 2001
Fayzelgayanov A.M. Numerical simulation of turbulent boundary layer separation for internal problems of aerodynamics. Despite of fundamental significance of a boundary layer separation, its full theoretical or experimental description for large Reynolds numbers remains one of the main problems of gas dynamics. For study of the indicated class of the phenomena, the model describing turbulent boundary layer separation of a supersonic gas flow is constructed. From a variety of being available models of a turbulence the algebraic model Boldwin-Lomax is selected. The test calculations for confirmation of reliability of a selected model and capacity for work of the program are carried out. The phenomena of a separation of a gas flow under the influence of oblique shocks on a boundary layer of various intensity are investigated.

28 June 2001
Yakupov N.M., Galimov N.K., Leontiev A.A., Nurgaliev A.R. Experementally - theoretical method at research polymer films. Fundamentals of experimentally-theoretical method of investigations of mechanical properties of polymer films are presented. Form of representation of a shell canopy under construction of deforming curves for films are examined.

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